VoiceComputer Lite 2021 for Business/Government/Professional users

VoiceComputer Lite 2021 for Business/Government/Professional users

$140.00 USD

VoiceComputer Lite for Dragon

Smart (Pain-Free) Voice Control Of Your Computer

Featuring the world's first hands-free speech interface - a true ergonomic user interface

VoiceComputer LIte shares the same speech interface with the full VoiceComputer program. But, VoiceComputer Lite does not include the comprehensive, interactive Dragon Training that VoiceComputer features, nor does it include the hundreds of productivity macros included with the full VoiceComputer.

For the first time, you have a choice of how you wish to control your computer! Now you can control your computer by voice with ease but be able to use your mouse and/or keyboard whenever you wish.

VoiceComputer Lite is so easy to learn that you can actually greatly reduce your mouse/touchpad use today. In minutes. Enjoy fast, productive speech control of the Windows desktop, file system, your applications, and the Internet.

VoiceComputer Lite integrates and works in conjunction with all versions of Dragon Premium, Professional, Professional Individual, Professional Group, Legal and Medical 12-15.

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