VoiceComputer 2021 for Business/Government/Professional users

VoiceComputer 2021 for Business/Government/Professional users

$300.00 USD

VoiceComputer for Dragon

Smart (Pain-Free) Voice Control Of Your Computer

Features the world’s first, true ergonomic user interface.


For the first time, you have a choice of how you wish to control your computer! Now you can control your computer by voice with ease and use your mouse and/or keyboard whenever you wish.

VoiceComputer is the only all-in-one speech application and it provides unparalleled ease-of-use and accessibility. 

VoiceComputer is so easy to learn that you can actually greatly reduce your mouse/touchpad use today. In minutes and enjoy fast, productive speech control of the Windows desktop, file system, your applications, and the Internet.

VoiceComputer's unique speech computing interface brings you real-time interactive training with videos, instantaneous help, computer control, dictation, and Internet information in real-time as you work with any version of Dragon.

VoiceComputer integrates and works in conjunction with all versions of Dragon Premium, Professional, Professional Individual, Professional Group, Legal and Medical 12-15.

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